ABOUT Dums Bio Spirits and Wine Limited

Dums bio spirits and wine limited is a beverage company established since 2018 with exceptional standard operating procedures in production.


The company has 5 (five) different brands of products namely:


(1) dumes gin

(2) dumes kombucha

(3) dumes lemon

(4) dumes Bella

(5) dumes golden egg


At the moment, dumes gin, dumes kombucha & dumes lemon are active in the market with license while the registration of the dumes Bella and dumes golden egg is ongoing.


Our mission is to sustain our uniqueness, creativeness and competitive solutions, making us a reliable beverage company in Nigeria and beyond.



As we have competent personnels that are innovative in making drinks and new taste of drinks. We also intend to render services to budding companies that are interested in creating new drinks or value addition to their product Ranging from beers, Spirits, wines or any type of alcoholic drink.